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Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) at Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Donald Epstein, the creator of our primary technique Network Spinal, also developed Somato Respiratory Integration, or SRI. SRI is a breathing technique that uses your breath and body to connect with yourself, your environment and your life.

You can use it outside of the office, too, giving yourself support when you need it but can’t make it in for an appointment. It gives you independence so that you don’t have to rely on our chiropractors to be more aware and better connected.

A Proactive Approach

SRI is a tool to help you become more proactive, with greater awareness and connection to your body and life. There are 12 stages that show your progression on your healing journey.

  1. Suffering. You know something is wrong. You feel disconnected. It may be due to a traumatic event. In this stage, you must accept that you are helpless.
  2. Polarities and Rhythms. In this stage, you search for a magical cure. You realize, however, that this cannot happen and that you are both responsible for your distress and must be involved in the process of getting rid of it.
  3. Stuck in a Perspective. You recognize that your distress is associated with being fixated in a perspective. Though not sure what to do about it, the revelation itself is important.
  4. Reclaiming Our Power. You realize that the “script” you previously had no longer works. You don’t want to let it happen again and choose to no longer dishonor yourself.
  5. Merging with the Illusion. With a stronger sense of self, you are ready to create more wholeness.
  6. Preparation for Resolution. Your redirected or traumatized energy moves towards being discharged and resolved. You’ll find ways to create change and be more flexible to continue this process.
  7. Resolution. Bio-electric energy and mechanical energy are discharged. Processes like fever, sneezing or vomiting are common forms, as well as crying or laughing. A resolution is achieved thanks to a sense of accomplishment, inner strength and peace.
  8. Emptiness in Connectedness. Feeling emptied after that discharge, you enter a realm of possibilities. You feel gratitude and connection, as well as alignment with surrounding events.
  9. Light Behind the Form. You can finally appreciate your energetic fullness, knowing you’re more than a physical body. A life force flows through you, and you are aware of it.
  10. Ascent. There is a union between you and the universe’s creative forces. Limits, boundaries, judgments and our existing sense of self can be transcended. There is a oneness with all of creation.
  11. Descent. You feel renewed beyond limits and enter the world again. You love and serve without attachment to any given situation.
  12. Community. Involved with humanity, you achieve a wholeness from sharing your individual gifts with the community. You receive gifts from others and know spiritual choices affect all being. Eventually, we recognize limits that come from a lack of wholeness and seek to start stage one again.

Same-Day Appointments

You don’t have to wait to get in for an appointment. You can often be seen on the same day that you call. If you’d like to book a visit immediately, get in touch with our team as quickly as you can. The earlier you call in the day, the better your chances are of getting in right away!

If you’re in an unhealthy pattern, we can help you break free. Contact Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center today to get started!

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