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Pediatric Care at Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center

At Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our chiropractors love seeing kids. As parents, they’ve seen the benefits firsthand. Now, it’s our aim to make sure every child in our community has access to quality, gentle care.

A Way to Help Your Children Calm Themselves

If you’re a parent, you know: kids have big emotions. If your child has ADHD or another similar condition, their emotions are even bigger. With our technique, we can help them better adapt to their environment.

One of our youngest practice members was a boy who was upset about his father traveling out of town for work. The boy was slumped in his shoulders and was bloated, which meant his emotional state was affecting his digestion. After the adjustment, the body stood up straight and burped. His emotions were under control and he felt far calmer.

Somato Respiratory Integration, gives you a way to create more awareness and connection with yourself and your environment. Kids can use it, too. When your child is old enough to understand, we’ll teach them SRI. It involves the specific placement of their hands and a breathing technique that will help them calm themselves.

The parents who bring their children to us report that it helps with emotional balance, ear infections, constipation and more. We joke that our technique causes “Network Diapers” because babies tend to fill their diapers after an adjustment.

With chiropractic, your child can have the best possible start to life. They’ll have more coordination and awareness of their body from the very beginning.

Why would a child need to see a chiropractor?

There’s trauma that results as early as the birthing process. Kids go through plenty of stress as they grow up. We joke about them being rubber, but life still hits hard. It can create unhealthy patterns in the brain if not addressed and released.
Do you see pregnant women?

Yes, and Dr. Nicole has studied the Webster Technique. We can see you during your pregnancy and adjust your baby after you welcome your new bundle of joy into your life.
What if my child feels nervous about getting adjusted?

We’ll establish trust right away. We’re a family-friendly place complete with toys and things for kids to do. They can be themselves here. Your child can watch you get adjusted so they see it’s nothing scary. They can even lie on you to be adjusted, or we can perform the adjustment while the child is standing.
Should both parents come in for a child's first visit?

We recommend that both parents be here at the first appointment. That means you’ll both be on board with the frequency of care and why it’s important. Together, we can make the best decision for scheduling, too, to fit in with your family’s life.
How much force do you use?

The force used is less than you’d comfortably put on your eyeball. Think of checking to see if an avocado is ripe, and it’s even less than that.
Can being under care give me a better birthing experience?

One of our practice members is a mom who went through her first two pregnancies and birth without being under care. During the third pregnancy, she became a chiropractic practice member. She said that in comparison, her first two pregnancies were miserable. The labor was much easier with the third child, and the baby seems calmer.

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