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Pain Is Not The Problem & Module #4

Pain is not the problem, it’s the solution

Whether that pain is physical, emotional, mental, financial, or in your relationship, you’ve been taught that something outside of yourself will take the pain away, so you can go back to the same old life once more, doing the things you did before.

Time To Make Changes

Well, the same old life, doing the things you did before, is WHY you’re in pain! Actually, experiencing pain is a sign that it’s time for changes. In fact, pain indicates that changes are overdue. You didn’t get the earlier, more subtle cues saying it was time to make changes. Now, pain is your messenger, inviting you to get real with what’s not working, see what’s really required to start getting healthy, and walk down a road to a better, healthier, more real life.

Remember, when you get the message, you don’t NEED the messenger!

Pain Is Not The Problem

Module #4 – Pain Integration Experience

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