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The Ups & Downs In Your Healing Process and Module #3

This module is helping you become more aware of the ups and downs of your healing process.

What Is Health?

Health is a complete picture of every part of you, and sometimes you will experience symptoms as you are in the process of creating optimal physical, mental, and social well-being, aka health!

Sometimes you’ll feel tired as your body is remembering how to relax, and as it is reallocating your energy to heal long-standing damage. Sometimes you’ll feel pain, queasiness, sniffly, grumpy, angry, sad, fearful, and so on. And, sometimes you’ll feel energized, excited, inspired, alive, vibrant, joyful, compassionate, and so on. Health itself is a process, so the act of getting healthier would be best viewed as a process, as well.

Remember what your brain can see and feel, it can fix!!! Enjoy the modules for this week and do the exercises daily for optimal results!

The Ups & Downs In Your Healing Process

Module #3

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