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Meet Dr. Nicole Evans

I love teaching people about how their bodies work, then seeing them start to take their lives back.

Dr. Nicole's headshotDr. Nicole had a spot lined up in physical therapy school. Growing up, she’d always been to the chiropractor. If she was in pain, that’s where she’d go. When it made a drastic difference in her comfort levels, Dr. Nicole knew: chiropractic school was the right choice for her.

While attending Parker University, Dr. Nicole learned the truth about chiropractic. “I recognized the intelligence of the body, and how chiropractic was about so much more than getting people out of pain.” She earned a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating as valedictorian.

Discovering Network Spinal

Though her passion for chiropractic was there, Dr. Nicole had some serious pain that nothing seemed to make a dent in. She tried various techniques within chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, dry needling, acupuncture, functional neurology, biofeedback, neurofeedback—you name it.

Network Spinal was what finally worked. After a single adjustment, Dr. Nicole was out of pain. That’s why she practices this technique today at Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Additionally, Dr. Nicole is trained in the Webster Technique for pregnant women.

Always Learning

Dr. Nicole is passionate about health. She has an interest in nutrition, exercise and mental health, constantly reading to learn more. Learning is what recharges Dr. Nicole, so she does plenty of studying.

She also enjoys being outside with her daughter, Kaydence, and her two Australian Shepherds. Kaydence was adjusted right after her birth and regularly since. Dr. Nicole is from the panhandle area, one of eight children that were farmers and ranchers. She also has a brother who is a chiropractor.

“If you can get the intelligence housed in the nervous system functioning better, there is a world of possibilities open to you.”

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