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Meet Dr. Jared Lane

I love to watch people’s lives change.

Dr. Jared's headshotChiropractic wasn’t Dr. Jared’s first career. After college, he was working for a large corporation. But the world was uninspiring, motivated by numbers and money. The only time Dr. Jared enjoyed his job was when he could help others. A friend in chiropractic college and Dr. Jared’s hometown chiropractor provided a source of inspiration in choosing a new path. He attended Parker University, quickly falling in love with chiropractic. Though he grew up in a traditional family that went to the medical doctor and got a prescription for health problems, chiropractic turned that around. “Those interventions should be a last resort, not the first line of defense.” There, Dr. Jared had great instructors who shared their knowledge and experience, such as how to prioritize the practice member at all times. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2018.

The body is more than a machine. There’s a wisdom that controls and coordinates it.


Outside of the Office

Dr. Jared grew up in Texas and has four siblings, of which one is currently in chiropractic school thanks to a powerful experience with Network Spinal. Today, family remains Dr. Jared’s priority, with his daughter Kaydence as #1 in his life. Furthermore, he is passionate about being healthy and in shape. He enjoys playing basketball, golfing and starting the morning off right with exercising. Whenever Dr. Jared can, he likes to hit the local parks and play on the playgrounds with Kaydence. He also likes to watch the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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