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Chiropractic Care

In our office, you won’t find the traditional popping and cracking that chiropractic typically involves. Instead, we look at the tension present on the spinal cord and brain. Pressure need only be as heavy as a dime on the nerve to impact the signals between the brain and body.

We’ll rewire those patterns and remove tension from your spine so your nervous system can function better. The nervous system controls every cell, organ and tissue, your thoughts, how you perceive your environment, your movement and more. It’s essential to make sure this system can adapt to life!

No Force Involved

When you have a bone out of place or that won’t move as it should, we don’t think that force is the way to go. Instead, we use a technique to retrain those patterns. Your bone can’t move on its own; it requires muscles. The brain is what controls your muscles, so there is a pattern present that keeps pulling things out of alignment.

We are gently and specifically rewiring that, making it more sustainable so that when stress occurs, your pain doesn’t instantly return.

There’s a broad array of concerns that people come to us seeking help for. Please note that we do not treat conditions; instead, we make the spine work better, which results in positive effects on many symptoms:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica

  • Headaches
  • ADD
  • Gut issues

  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression

Our technique is a tonal one, which means we can address your entire body. If there is tension on one joint, there will always be tension on a second. We’ll work to restore the balance to your system so that tension isn’t piled up in one area.

What technique do you use?

Our primary technique is called Network Spinal. It was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein. Our practice members love this technique because it’s gentle and doesn’t involve any twisting or popping.
Is there pain involved?

No, not with the type of technique we use.
Is your care appropriate for kids?

Yes! Because of the gentle nature of our adjustments, you can bring your children in to get adjusted, including newborns.
How will you determine my needs?

We perform a thorough evaluation with each new practice member. You’ll go through a range of testing that allows us to determine your unique needs, then provide the care that meets them.
Do I have to go forever?

People have heard the myth that if they get adjusted once, they won’t have a choice but to continue going to the chiropractor forever. Know that it’s not true. But think, however, that it makes sense to invest in the health of your nervous system. It’s similar to how you continue exercising or eating well as a part of a healthy lifestyle.
Can you help me with my nutrition?

Yes. We provide nutritional testing that will uncover deficiencies, toxicity, sensitivities and more. It can be performed for kids or adults.
What can I do between my visits there?

Part of your care with us involves learning about Somato Respiratory Integration. This technique uses your breath and body to connect with what’s inside of you and what’s in your environment. Once you learn how to do this, you can use it anywhere that you are when you need to connect or calm yourself.

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