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About Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Nicole Evans and Dr. Jared Lane met at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. They graduated in 2018, and then it became time to decide where to practice. Dr. Nicole is a native Oklahoman, and she knew that nobody else in the state utilized their unique form of healing: Network Spinal.

Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center is the only office in Oklahoma where you’ll find this technique. It’s loved by practice members because it doesn’t involve any cracking, twisting or popping, yet yields tremendous results.

Our chiropractors are thrilled to share it with our community!

The shape, position, tension and tone of your spine determines the shape, position, tension and tone of your life.” Dr. Donald Epstein, developer of Network Spinal

Connection, Awareness, Growth

It’s our goal to serve and educate every practice member who walks in on how amazing their body is. We want you to be better connected to yourself and all the people around you.

We’ll be your partner on your healing journey. Your body is doing all the work; our role is just to help it along. You’ll learn about how to be more aware of your body and symptoms that might crop up, as well as your emotions. You’ll be educated on how to remain balanced and more accepting of your feelings.

Our First Practice Member Ever

Dr. Jared overheard a woman in the grocery store complaining about some health problems. He thought, “Maybe we could help her” and went over to give the woman a business card. She came in as a practice member and went from barely being able to get through her work to be fully functioning. Now, that woman is entering chiropractic college so she can learn Network Spinal and use it just like our doctors do.

Become One of Our Success Stories

Dr. Nicole is the reason that we use Network Spinal. While in chiropractic college, she had debilitating pain down one side of her body. When nothing else worked, Network did. We’ve seen it turn around the lives of numerous people.

One case involved a woman with trigeminal neuralgia. She’d even had surgery to try to relieve her facial pain. Rather than being sidelined in life, she was soon able to attend family events, go on cruises and more. The woman even quit smoking, started eating healthier and paid more attention to her body. We love seeing people take their lives back!

Ready to Make a Change?

We can help you make a transformation without using aggressive, forceful techniques. Contact our chiropractic office now to schedule your first appointment!

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